Her hair was golden when we met, fiery red in the middle, and black in the end. just like our relationship. sweet when it began, a fierce and passionate middle, and a dark end. subconsciously she was signaling the change in seasons between us. I am a sentimental man.

Time travel is not impossible. it is uncontrollable, atleast for me. good, bad , boring, fun, peaceful, sexy, scary, disgusting, anything memories, they all pain me, scar me. there is no escape. But you Chloe, you pain me the most. Suddenly I’m in a knoll and the blue, cloudless, sky overcast us. not touching but deeply connected. I love this memory. Or is it fantasy? i can’t tell the difference these days. so many daybreaks and twilights have past since you were a constant in my world i can barely tell fact from fiction anymore. Were you real? Did it happen? Were you someone i went to school with? Saw on the bus? Or read in a book, and just pieced your beauty together better than i thought god could from magazines and daytime soap operas.

I still write you. I wrote you so many letters, but they sit, unread, with such stillness and quiet that would blow my eardrums on a bad day. I leave them next to the door, and everytime  i leave the house, every time, i pick them up with a determination i never feel anymore, that only you made me feel. They obviously do not leave the house. everytime i think of sending them, i think of something new to add, something left unsaid.

theres nothing you didnt say, nothing held back. every thought, every feeling, every useless emotional stance you took to my offensive nature. My walls were built by an infant with wild dreams in mad surroundings. they were nothing to you. You never knew them. And in your arms i never knew of them too. my walls, they would be as if pictured in a real world a scarred beaten, graffitied brick wall. faded from time and natured with a billion little marks from people beating at it day in and day out trying to reach the inside. all doomed to fail. Maybe all that constant abuse revealed a crack which you slipped through, or maybe there was an unbeaten path which you found, made all for you in the early time.


The Ceremony

As she rushed to the stage struggling to hear her own thoughts over the applause, only the hands, whistles and thumbing of her heart was heard. Cameras switching and following her every moventment. As she climbed the stairs holding her sparkling light gold dress up with her right hand she lost her breathe. As the tips of Fiona’s fingers touched the golden idol the tears began to well in the corners of her eyes. Unprepared and elated she thanked her family, her manager, director, god and everyone else she could think of before pausing a moment, the tears began to stream and in a moment of seriousness said

“Jack Hadley you broke my heart.”

Suddenly the clapping slowed and the cameras switched to Jack in the audience Seated at a table with other stars, now all looking over, as he stared towards the stage at her and began to smile. With on his hand paritally covering his mouth, Jack began to laugh at the absurdity of the moment as Fiona exited from the stage.

The ceremony ended and celebrities began to shuffle out. Jack followed by his pulicist exited out the back of the theatre, the allyway a strobe from the flashing camera bulbs. the shout of reporters calling his name. Carrying a smile and coming up to a women in a blue dress holding a microphone and a cameraman next her Jack said

“Drama, drama, drama”  laughing as he came close to Sharon the E! reporter.

“So thats you answer then?” sharon said followed by a laugh. “What was that all about Jack? Can tou explain?”

“Well Fiona is a born actress and they do love their drama, hah.” Jack said calmly still smiling wide.

“Can you say anything more?” Sharon said probing.

“Not about that.” Then Jack walked away and answered no more questions but still smiling wide and acting like the world was right.

The next day Fiona opened the old brown, wooden door to her dressing room, and came upon a enough flowers to replenish the rainforest. It was cold and blue winter outside but in here it was suddenly a very green spring. Cards and messages littered her vanity congratulating and praising her. Looking down reading one of her many accolades, she felt a shiver run down her back. she looked up and turned in one very quick motion. Jack, in a black suit and tie, was standing in front of the door on the far side of the room. Stone faced he spoke.

“Don’t make me destroy you again.”

She is pretty enough.

“I’m not pretty enough for tv and movies. Im not build that way” she said.

He knew this to be true but out of his kindness and own vision of her, he denied this to no end.

Flash foward a year and he stares blankly at a picture of her in a blue and green dress.

“Its a nice dress” he says. “Not indicitive of what she’ll actually wear, but nice.”

Then finally admits in his mind but not outloud.

“she is pretty enough.”

Henry Cavill to don the red cape.

Warner Bros. Has announced that Henry Cavill will play Superman in Zach Synder’s reboot of the franchise. The new Superman has been “Godfathered” by Christopher Nolan of Batman fame and the script will be written by David Goyer who had a part in writing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Cavill has been a Fan-fav for years all the way back to the days when McG was making a superman movie. I’ve always been on the fence about him because I can never get the vibe he looks like superman enough, I mean he looks great up in that pic but like a twirp in about a thousand others and if rumors are true that Superman may be entirely CG, this may not turn out well. I have a source in the industry that knows for a fact tests have been done to see if an all CG superman would work. I believe him knowing Zach Synder’s love for unnecessary use of CGI.

Again I guess it all comes down to the waiting game. Zod is also supposed to be the villain in the movie, so we’ll see how he handles that.

Get ready for Ally Mcbeal meets The Cape!

Look at this picture above me folks. Because this is what you're getting. Batman with supermans origin. With the style of an 80's lesbian stand-up comic.

“The project is described as a reinvention of the iconic D.C. comic in which Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”

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Pride has taken down our world masters

So heres something freaky as all hell.  Ya know the Illuminati right? Secret world masters and villains from mullet-ed Tom Hanks movies etc, etc. Well type ” Illuminati” backwards and smash a “.com” at the end and hit enter and then we’ll talk after the jump

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The Bat, The Cat, and….Bane?

News just broke that the Villains in The Dark Knight Rises , the 3rd movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Franchise, Will be Catwoman and Bane. Now is that sentence doesn’t give you a “HUh? face with corresponding  head tilt, then read it again.

The previously announced Tom Hardy will be playing Bane and Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman. I’d say Selina Kyle though rumors suggest there may be something bigger than that going on.  I like Anne Hathaway, I think shes a great actress but I just don’t think she exudes that pure-sex vibe that Selinas got going on. As for Tom Hardy, who I can’t stop remembering as young Picard, is the hulking brazilian hit-man Bane I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. The only way I can see a Nolan-esque Bane is a roid-raging adrenaline junky, which I’ve enough from professional sports.

But I believe and trust in our lord savior Christopher Nolan who brought Batman back from the neon fetishism hell that was Schumacher years. The Dark Knight is one of my Favorite Movies and I know this one will be another shot out of the park.