The Ceremony

As she rushed to the stage struggling to hear her own thoughts over the applause, only the hands, whistles and thumbing of her heart was heard. Cameras switching and following her every moventment. As she climbed the stairs holding her sparkling light gold dress up with her right hand she lost her breathe. As the tips of Fiona’s fingers touched the golden idol the tears began to well in the corners of her eyes. Unprepared and elated she thanked her family, her manager, director, god and everyone else she could think of before pausing a moment, the tears began to stream and in a moment of seriousness said

“Jack Hadley you broke my heart.”

Suddenly the clapping slowed and the cameras switched to Jack in the audience Seated at a table with other stars, now all looking over, as he stared towards the stage at her and began to smile. With on his hand paritally covering his mouth, Jack began to laugh at the absurdity of the moment as Fiona exited from the stage.

The ceremony ended and celebrities began to shuffle out. Jack followed by his pulicist exited out the back of the theatre, the allyway a strobe from the flashing camera bulbs. the shout of reporters calling his name. Carrying a smile and coming up to a women in a blue dress holding a microphone and a cameraman next her Jack said

“Drama, drama, drama”  laughing as he came close to Sharon the E! reporter.

“So thats you answer then?” sharon said followed by a laugh. “What was that all about Jack? Can tou explain?”

“Well Fiona is a born actress and they do love their drama, hah.” Jack said calmly still smiling wide.

“Can you say anything more?” Sharon said probing.

“Not about that.” Then Jack walked away and answered no more questions but still smiling wide and acting like the world was right.

The next day Fiona opened the old brown, wooden door to her dressing room, and came upon a enough flowers to replenish the rainforest. It was cold and blue winter outside but in here it was suddenly a very green spring. Cards and messages littered her vanity congratulating and praising her. Looking down reading one of her many accolades, she felt a shiver run down her back. she looked up and turned in one very quick motion. Jack, in a black suit and tie, was standing in front of the door on the far side of the room. Stone faced he spoke.

“Don’t make me destroy you again.”


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