Henry Cavill to don the red cape.

Warner Bros. Has announced that Henry Cavill will play Superman in Zach Synder’s reboot of the franchise. The new Superman has been “Godfathered” by Christopher Nolan of Batman fame and the script will be written by David Goyer who had a part in writing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Cavill has been a Fan-fav for years all the way back to the days when McG was making a superman movie. I’ve always been on the fence about him because I can never get the vibe he looks like superman enough, I mean he looks great up in that pic but like a twirp in about a thousand others and if rumors are true that Superman may be entirely CG, this may not turn out well. I have a source in the industry that knows for a fact tests have been done to see if an all CG superman would work. I believe him knowing Zach Synder’s love for unnecessary use of CGI.

Again I guess it all comes down to the waiting game. Zod is also supposed to be the villain in the movie, so we’ll see how he handles that.


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