The Bat, The Cat, and….Bane?

News just broke that the Villains in The Dark Knight Rises , the 3rd movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Franchise, Will be Catwoman and Bane. Now is that sentence doesn’t give you a “HUh? face with corresponding  head tilt, then read it again.

The previously announced Tom Hardy will be playing Bane and Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman. I’d say Selina Kyle though rumors suggest there may be something bigger than that going on.  I like Anne Hathaway, I think shes a great actress but I just don’t think she exudes that pure-sex vibe that Selinas got going on. As for Tom Hardy, who I can’t stop remembering as young Picard, is the hulking brazilian hit-man Bane I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. The only way I can see a Nolan-esque Bane is a roid-raging adrenaline junky, which I’ve enough from professional sports.

But I believe and trust in our lord savior Christopher Nolan who brought Batman back from the neon fetishism hell that was Schumacher years. The Dark Knight is one of my Favorite Movies and I know this one will be another shot out of the park.


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